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About the Education Data Hub

As a pilot project for Cornell University's Repository for Engaging Data (R.E.D.), the Education Data Hub serves as a primary source of both pre-prepared tools and raw data for a wealth of factors surrounding public education in New York State. Data is collected in conjunction with Cornell's Program on Applied Demographics (PAD), the Community and Regional Development Institute (CARDI) and the New York State Rural Schools Association (RSA). 


Key Staff Members:


John Sipple, PhD - Associate Professor: Dr. Sipple joined Development Sociology in the summer of 2011 after 13 years in Cornell's Department of Education. He has focused his research interests on the responses of public school districts and communities to changes in state and federal policy. Central to his work are issues of community and organizational change and how they relate to fiscal, demographic, and learning opportunities for students across racial, socioeconomic, and geographic lines. He teaches courses on the organizational, social, and political contexts of community vitality and the U.S. educational system.


Jan Vink - Research Support Specialist: Jan is a Research Support Specialist with the Program on Applied Demographics. He majored in Econometrics at the University of Groningen (the Netherlands). He has advanced skill in statistics, computer programming, and data analysis. Jan represents New York State in the US Census Bureau's Federal-State Cooperatives for Population Estimates and Projections and leads PAD's role as a Coordinating Agency in the New York State Data Center.



Peter C. Fiduccia, MBA, MPA - Content Developer, Designer: A PhD student in the Department of Development Sociology, Peter is a geospatial statistician with research and practical experience in education policy, public affairs, spatial econometrics, financial analysis, and leadership & management. He specializes in using technology, cartographic techniques, and quantitative methodologies to study community development. Prior to joining the Department of Development Sociology, Peter completed training in both the private and public sectors, earning a Master's of Business Administration from the Binghamton University School of Management and a Master's of Public Affairs from Cornell University's Institute for Public Affairs. Peter is responsible for the design & implementation of the RED / Education Hub website, as well as the creation of several of the visualization tools.

About the Cornell Repository for Engaging Data (RED)

Cornell University's Repository for Engaging Data (R.E.D.) is an open-access source for researchers, decision-makers, and the public. In collaboration with the School of Industrial Labor Relations, College of Human Ecology, and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, R.E.D. is a living collection of New York State information. It enhances data and engages stakeholders across disciplines. 

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