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NYS District APM Dashboard Tool


Year = Use the slider to adjust the scatterplots and the line graph year-to-year. Note the plots will not appear prior to 2009 as there is currently no data available before that year.

BOCES Code = Want to take a look at just one, or perhaps many, BOCES regions across the state? Deselect "All" and select the regions you would like to visualize (this will also change the line graph) Note how the confidence interval and associated statistics change with each new group.

District Name = Similarly, if you'd like to look at a specific district or group of districts, deselect "All" and select or type-to-search the districts you'd like to visualize (this will also change the line graph). Again, note the changes in statistical metrics with each new group.


Highlight Your District = Begin typing the name of a district you'd like to highlight on the single-color scatterplot. Once it has been displayed, move your cursor to the district and click on the highlighted circle. This will bring the multi-color scatterplot and the line graph back into full display.


This final visualization allows you to observe a single district against state metrics for that particular year (single color plot), and a BOCES region or regions compared to each other (multi color plot) and over time (line graph).

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